Why Travel in a Group?

You don’t have a suitable travel companion but don’t want to travel alone?

None of your friends wants to go on an active adventure tour?

Travel in a group because...

... everything is organized for you so you can just relax and take it all in

Sie haben keinen Reisepartner möchten aber keine Singlereise buchen?

... you don’t want to stay at home just because none of your friends wants to go camping, hiking, ...

Auch auf einer Gruppenreise haben Sie die Möglichkeit mal allein zu sein.

Traumhafte Zeltplätze - einer von vielen auf unseren Touren : Mount Cook Nationalpark Neuseeland

Geniessen ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil unserer Neuseeland Aktivreisen.

... traveling in a small group leaves you lots of room for individual experiences and special moments

Unsere Neuseelandtouren erfolgen alle in Kleingruppen von 4 bis maximal 12 Personen

Gruppenreisen ermöglichen neue Kontakte zu knüpfen, aus denen sich oft langjährige Freundschaften entwickeln.

Gruppenreisen in Neuseeland sind beliebt, den es bedeutet faszinierende Erlebnisse mit andren zu teilen.

... it will help you pick up courage to try something new

Unsere Abentuerreisen machen Mut Neuses auszuprobieren, zum Beispiel abseits der Wege wandern zu gehen.

Es macht Spass mit anderen zusammen neue Aktivitäten auszuprobieren, wie Kaja fahren, segeln, Kanu fahren, reiten , usw.

Spass haben beim Blackwater Rafting in Waitomo

... you can join in activities you might not have tried otherwise

Frühstück mit Genuss

Auf vielen unsreer Neuseelandreisen können Sie sogar kochen lernen!

... eating at a big table makes every meal taste fabulous

Gruppen ermutigen Dinge zu tun, die man im 'normalen Leben' nicht machen würde

Gute Laune (auch im Regen)

Auch wandern im Regen kann Spass machen

... even walking in the rain is fun in a group

Sidetracks ist Spezialist für Neuseeland Gruppenreisen.

Auf Gruppenreisen entwickeln sich oft langfristige Freundschaften.

Gruppenreisen machen Spass.

... you can meet nice people that might become friends

 ... you enjoy going on adventures with your partner

Auf unseren Gruppenreisen haben Sie gelegenheit die neuseeländische Gastfreundschaft kennenzulernen und Freundschaft zu schliessen mit Einheimsichen.

... you can have lots of fun in a group

Gruppenreisen sind umweltfreundlich - und das ist uns sehr wichtig.

Kommen Sie mit Sidetracks auf Reisen!

...it is an eco-friendly way of traveling

 Photos: Angelika Pastoors and many participants


You want to know a bit more about the many reasons why traveling in a small tour group is the perfect way to explore New Zealand?

  • Small tour groups give you the opportunity to meet like minded people, be active and have lots of fun together – and maybe even form new friendships (or partnerships!) – at no additional cost!
  • Look forward to your holiday without having to worry about any preparation, organization or details. We take care of everything. You can rely on our many years of experience, our local knowledge and the close relationship we have with the country and people of Aotearoa/New Zealand.
  • Traveling with a small group in a minibus is one of the most eco-friendly ways of traveling and you don’t have to worry about driving (on the left side!).
  • Your tour guide will show you the many small and big cultural differences and will tell you many amazing stories, facts, myths and legends. You will learn about the historical background as well as everyday life in New Zealand today.
  • We offer you unusual perspectives and experiences that you just couldn’t have as a solo traveler. With us you experience not only the well-known highlights but also the many not so widely known places which are often hard to find without local knowledge. Some natural treasures of New Zealand are only accessible as part of a guided group due to conservation regulations.
  • Many participants notice that they feel more adventurous and daring in a group. By overcoming one’s inhibitions it is easier to have untypical experiences and to broaden one’s horizon. Many of our participants have commented that the group experience was invaluable to them.
  • Regardless of differences in age and background, whether you travel as a solo traveler or as a couple, with family members or friends, all our participants are linked by one common factor: They all want to experience New Zealand through activity and adventure. They have a love of nature and natural beauty and wish to encounter the real New Zealand, the wildlife, wilderness and people.
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