New Zealand Walking and Adventure Tours: 7-19 Days

  • You want to experience New Zealand in a small group, but feel a four-week trip is too long?
  • You have friends or family members who live in New Zealand and during your visit you want to independently explore the land of your loved ones?
  • You want to explore New Zealand on your own but would like to combine your travel plans with some group travel time?
  • You want to combine New Zealand and Australia but have only 4-6 weeks time?
  • You are on business in New Zealand and have some extra time for a short adventure trip?
  • You are looking for a New Zealand tour package that fits into your travel plans, but want more than just a sightseeing tour?

Use our Walking and Adventure Tours as travel modules or stand-alone tours. Or combine all tours under the same title to create a 26 day tour of New Zealand.

Check out our Guided Walks that you can add to your travel plans.

We can help you organize your arrival and departure, transportation, additional accommodation and activities - contact us today.



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