Our Team

Owner, Operator and Tour Guide


Angelika Pastoors

Besides being the owner of Sidetracks and guiding several tours herself every season, Angelika is mainly responsible for the organisational side of tours and customer service.

After over 20 years in the tourism industry, Angelika made her final move to New Zealand in 2001 and launched Sidetracks Tours New Zealand – her personal travel company concentrating on nature and activity tours in small groups.

During her successful years guiding Germans through her new homeland New Zealand she repeatedly received requests from Kiwis that wanted to explore her native Germany in the same way - enjoying a mixture of visits to well-known locations and experiencing the country ‘off the beaten track’ in a small group. So in May 2013 the first Germany tour for people from Down Under was launched!


Angelika grew up in Germany near the Dutch border and left her hometown to study to become a social worker. However, not long into her course she switched to tourism and subsequently worked as a tour guide all over Europe and managed a travel agency in Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, for nine years.

It was in 1995 that she visited New Zealand for the first time and was instantly hooked. The next few years she spent traveling and working between Germany, Canada and New Zealand and in this time lived 10 month of the year in a tent and never more than 3 days in one place! But even for someone as energetic as Angelika this lifestyle eventually became tiring. She finally ‘settled’ in the South Island of New Zealand and her chosen hometown Christchurch and started Sidetracks Tours in 2001. Of course she still can’t sit still and now spends most of the year guiding, traveling and exploring both New Zealand and Germany, and thoroughly enjoys skipping winter ;-).

"To be touring and guiding is my life!" - there really is no line between her job and the rest of her life. "It is just what I do and love doing most". It is only when she hears comments like "Tour guides are always on holidays" that she gets annoyed and explains more of the large amount of work going into her chosen career.

Besides being a tour guide, she enjoys most to create new and exciting tour programs and ideas, like the tour concept of Sidetracks Tours to Germany.

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