Travel Philosophy

Considerate tourism is very important to us. We prefer to cooperate with small, family led businesses in New Zealand and attach great importance to cultural and ecological sustainability. We regard the careful treatment of animals, water, air and soil, as well as waste prevention as an important part of the quality of our tours.

We are aware that air travel contributes to a large extent to the environmental impacts of a journey. Avoiding national flights is simple. However, most of our customers come from Europe and because there is no reasonable alternative to air travel due to the large distance to New Zealand, it is important to us that at least the ratio of duration and distance is justifiable. Therefore, most of our tours are several weeks long, and the shorter ones are meant to be ‘building blocks’ and can be combined with other travel components. Once in the country, traveling in a minibus with a small group is one of the most eco-friendly ways of traveling.

Our small groups offer the possibility to meet nice people, be active and have lots of fun together – and to form new friendships (or partnerships!).

On a Sidetracks tour we encourage you to be a participant – not just a passenger! Slow travel pace – by kayak or sailing boat, by bike or on foot – allows you to really take in the amazing nature New Zealand has to offer. Take your time to notice the many features, small and big, along the way, and discover your own private paradise.

On our tours you will experience how easy it can be to ‘get away from it all’, to relax and recharge. Many participants discover that physical activity in nature has an amazing positive impact on body and mind; they learn to appreciate their surroundings with all their senses. Along the way you can choose to push your own boundaries in many ways without having to exhaust yourself.


Take home new found relaxation, new horizons and lasting memories.


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