Guided Walking/Cycling, Adventure & Wilderness Tours
in New Zealand

Sidetracks Tours 7-19 Days

Cycling Tours 8 or 21 Days

Guided Walks on Private Walkways 3-4 Days

On established tracks or "going bush" you'll see & experience the animals, the plants, the places, and the people that make New Zealand so special. We keep our groups small, so whether you choose a tour or a walk we'll ensure you have plenty of time to experience and explore the most beautiful corner of the world.

New Zealand is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. In fact, designated national parks cover one third of the country. On our tours we explore many of the amazing hiking trails, and enjoy many activities and cultural experiences together in our small group.
Choose between camping tours or comfort tours.

You can now also come and enjoy the recently established cycle trails in the South Island with us. As on our other tours we travel in small groups and take our time to enjoy the diverse landscapes of New Zealand. Our cycle tours include luggage transport and other activities such as a wildlife tour, boat trips and a range of walks.

Or come and explore New Zealand's backcountry on a guided walk on private land for a short getaway in the South Island. Be sidetracked and enjoy a few days of rural bliss away from it all!

New Cycle Tours in Germany for 2018 coming up soon

We now offer you the option to experience our native Germany and some of its neighbouring countries on a guided tour in a small group.
If you are interested in visiting the Heart of Europe - let us take you where the locals go!
Go to to find out more about our Germany Tours.

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